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Blind Faith

Everybody Knows A Sercret

Salida al Mercado

Grabado el:

sábado, 26 de julio de 1969


Box CD

Sello discográfico:

Non Label – SN


Blind Faith: Everybody Knows A secret - A Collection Of The Best Live Recordings, VERY RARE! 2022 Extremely Ltd 300 copias numeradas en vivo 4CD Box set . Todos los Cds y folleto detallado se encuentran en caja de lujo!!


Live At Hyde Park London Uk 07.07.1969

1-1  Introduction

1-2  Well All Right

1-3  Sea Of Joy

1-4  Sleeping In The Ground

1-5  Under My Thumb

1-6  Can't Find My Way Home

1-7  Do What You Like

1-8  Presence Of The Lord

1-9  Means To An End

1-10  Had To Cry Today

1-11  Do What You Like (full Version - Audience) (bonus Track)

Live At The Koncerthallen Lisberg Goteborg Sweden 18.06.1969

2-1  Introduction

2-2  Well All Right

2-3  Sleeping In The Ground

2-4  Sea Of Joy

2-5  Under My Thumb

2-6  Can't Find My Way Home

2-7  Do What You Like

2-8  Drum Solo

2-9  Do What You Like

2-10  Presence Of The Lord

2-11  Means To An End

2-12  Had To Cry Today

Live At The State Fair Park R'n'R Festival West Allis Wi Usa 26.07.1969

3-1  Had To Cry Today

3-2  Can't Find My Way Home

3-3  Sleeping In The Ground

3-4  Well All Right

3-5  Presence Of The Lord (cut)

3-6  Do What You Like

3-7  Sunshine Of Your Love

Live At The Earl Warren Showgrounds, Santa Barbara Ca Usa 16.08.1969

4-1  Stage Announcement

4-2  Well All Right

4-3  Can't Find My Way Home

4-4  Had To Cry Today

4-5  Sleeping In The Ground

4-6  Crossroads

4-7  Presence Of The Lord

4-8  Means To An End

4-9  Do What You Like


Steve Winwood - voz principal, teclados, guitarra Eric Clapton - guitarra, voz Ric Grech - bajo, violín Ginger Baker - batería, percusión
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