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Derek & The Dominos

Layla And Other...

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Yellow Dog Records – YD 040


Tomas falsas, tomas alternativas y versiones en directo.


1     Layla (Out Of Tune Version) 7:33

2     Nobody Loves You When You Are Down And Out (Alternate Mix With False Start) 5:05

3     Key To The Highway (Live Fillmore East Early Show) 6:36

4    Little Wing (Live Fillmore East Early Show) 6:35

5     Nobody Loves You When You Are Down And Out (Live Fillmore East Early Show) 6:06

6     It's Too Late (Stereo Live Ryan Auditorium, Nashville, J. Cash) 4:12

7     Got To Get Better In A Little While (Stereo Unaired Outtake Live, Ryan Auditorium) 6:26

8     Son Of Apache (Instrumental 2nd Lp ) 6:17

9     Snake Lane Blues (Outtake 2nd Studio Lp, Alternate To Crossroads) 3:31

10   High (Dominoes Instrum. Version Later As Song On Lp) 3:07

11   Untitled Instrumental (Unfinished Outtake 2nd Studio Lp Outtake) 2:18

12   One More Chance (Outtake, No Vocals, Alternate To Crossroads) 3:22


Guitarra - Eric Clapton Bajo - Carl Radle Batería, Percusión - Jim Gordon Órgano, Piano - Bobby Whitlock
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